It is an honor to work with families. For over 20 years, I have supported children and parents in the Austin area and beyond. As a former middle school teacher and coach, I remain a passionate educator. After our first child arrived in 2014, I transitioned from teaching adolescents to expectant parents. I now teach families the basics of infant and child sleep through private classes, support groups, and consultations.

I earned my Master of Science in Social Work from The University of Texas at Austin (2005) and a Bachelor of Science in Human Development and Sociology from Vanderbilt University. I am a licensed master social worker and certified as a women’s health coach, infant sleep educator, Texas Breastfeeding Educator, and postpartum doula. I have advanced training in neurobiology, attachment theory, trauma-responsive care, infant and children’s mental health, lactation management, childbirth education, and supporting families through perinatal mood and anxiety disorders.

My husband and I live in Austin, TX with our two children (2014 and 2018). My journey to become a sleep consultant arose organically from the challenges of navigating my own children’s sleep(lessness!). I work to adjust the environment to fit the child’s needs rather than mold the child to fit their environment, and this is especially important for our little ones with sensory sensitivities. I am passionate about creating neurodiversity-affirming spaces and I also work as a mental health specialist in the special education department of a local school district by providing direct counseling to children and consultations for educators. I believe that behavior is communication and our goal isn’t to extinguish behaviors, but to uncover needs. Whether I am working as a sleep consultant or school counselor, I meet children where they are and identify their needs. When we meet children’s needs through connection, they will feel safe and supported to learn, play, and (eventually!) sleep.

Sarah McElvain, LMSW Sleep Eductor and Consultant Austin, TX