Cultural expectations for sleep are often at odds with biological infant development. Sleep education is distinctly different from any form of sleep training, as my focus is to support the parents through the creation of a nurturing mindset and implementation of lifestyle shifts rather than to change the baby.

I help parents understand infant development from a biological and evolutionary perspective; this information, combined with the right mindset, empowers parents to facilitate shifts in lifestyle to optimize rest and embrace nighttime parenting without the use of sleep training. I use a combination of emotional support, practical knowledge, developmental science, interpersonal neurobiology research, and attachment theory to support families who want to avoid using behavioral modification to change the baby. I work as a “family sleep doula” to troubleshoot infant/toddler sleep challenges, help parents maintain or restore optimal health, find their parenting groove, and tune in to what they know is best for their baby and their family.

Private Sleep Education Class –  $225 per couple 

Great for expectant parents or parents of a newborn and covers:

  • the art and science of infant sleep (evolutionary biology, brain science, historical perspective and theory)
  • cultural/societal expectations versus reality of infant sleep
  • creating a sleep environment that works for you
  • safe sleep
  • creating a healthy mindset now about sleep for fewer issues later
  • overview of baby temperaments
  • gentle sleep strategies to soothe and calm baby
  • stress management and healthy sleep steps for parents
  • responsive nighttime parenting
  • Q & A
  • approximately 1.5 hours in your Austin area home;  contact me for group pricing

Sleep Support Package – $375

  • Wellness assessment to provide an overview on sleep environment, parent philosophy, and family lifestyle
  • Review of client consultation form
  • 2 hours of talk time for processing, support, and troubleshooting (can be split into 2 one-hour calls, to be used within a 4 week period)
  • Correspondence between calls via text and email
  • Creation of a shared folder containing notes, relevant documents, articles, recommended local providers, and other resources
  • Access to my lending library
  • If you desire an in-home consultation, an additional fee will apply

Sleep Support Call – $125

  • Holding space and troubleshooting your family’s sleep scenario
  • 50 minute call

Check In Call – $75

  • 30 minute call

Quick Call – $45

  • 15 minute call
  • If you desire additional support after this call, you will receive a credit toward the 50 minute call ($20 credit) or sleep support package ($45 credit).

I provide a safe outlet for you to process the challenges of your child’s sleep. Shorter calls are best for specific questions. During longer calls, I take a three-pronged approach to working with families, focusing on the child, the family, and the environment. In our work together, I assess:

  • your child’s sleep patterns and daily rhythms
  • your family’s support structure and individual lifestyles
  • the sleep environment (looking for any barriers preventing improved sleep)

In your sharing about the difficulties with your little one’s sleep, I’m listening for any potential ‘red flags’ that could indicate challenges that go beyond that of biologically normal infant development; should there be concerns, I will refer out as appropriate and have a long list of area providers to share with clients. Red flags are rare as most challenges are within the realm of normal infant development. I often say that babies don’t have a sleep problem – their parents do! This is why a large part of work centers on you, the caregiver. Mindset and lifestyle are key for managing the challenges. We will examine where you can tap into additional support and create a narrative for conscious, empowered parenting (day or night).

My philosophy and approach are not for everyone. As a sleep educator, my services focus on supporting parents and caregivers with information about normal, realistic infant development. I do not offer sleep training (changing or modifying the child’s behavior), but I can provide referrals if your family is looking for this support.

Ready to book a call? Please complete the contact form and I will be in touch with you within 2 business days. 

Speaking Engagements for Parent Groups and Events  – contact me

I am happy to provide complimentary education and support to Austin area non-profit organizations.