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Cultural expectations for sleep are often at odds with biological infant & child development. Sleep education is distinctly different from any form of sleep training. As a sleep educator, my work offers parents processing and emotional support, developmental perspective, and validation of the challenges that early parenthood brings. My focus is to help parents feel heard, understand why sleep disruptions are happening, discover potential underlying needs that contribute to waking or delayed sleep onset, and brainstorm how to best meet the child’s needs while improving rest for the whole family. 

In addition to working with infants, I specialize in supporting families with toddlers; a few of the most common toddler challenges I troubleshoot are delayed sleep onset, transitioning from nursing to sleep (not that there is anything wrong with it, but when you are ready to end it, I can help!), night-weaning, adjustments in bedsharing arrangements, and changing sleep surfaces or rooms.

As a sleep educator, my philosophy and approach are not for everyone. I do not offer sleep training, but I can provide referrals if your family is looking for this support.

Babies are primal beings in a modern world; I look at development from an evolutionary perspective. By uncovering the biological programming, parents can better understand sleep in the early years and help their child learn that sleep is a safe place to go and remain (without the use of sleep training). There are no complicated plans or schedules to follow – on our call, I troubleshoot your specific sleep challenges, assess potential barriers in the sleep environment or daily rhythm, and together we come up with possible solutions for improvement. My support allows you to tune into what you know is best for your child and family. 

Sleep Support Call – $155

  • Holding space and troubleshooting your family’s sleep scenario
  • 50 minute call
  • Assessment to gather background information prior to call

Check In Call – $85

  • 30 minute call for established clients

Quick Call – $45

  • 15 minute call (for new families wanting to know more about my philosophy [not for troubleshooting] to gauge fit or follow up questions for established clients)
  • For new clients who want to proceed with support, a credit will apply toward the 50 minute call ($25 credit) 

Because of the great success with 50 minute calls, I removed the larger sleep packages (and hence no longer do free 15 minute calls). I want to provide you with the most cost and time effective offering rather than have you invest in more support than what is needed. During the 50 minute calls, I take a three-pronged approach, focusing on the child, the family, and the environment. In our work together, I provide a safe outlet for you to process the challenges of your child’s sleep and assess:

  • your child’s sleep patterns 
  • your family’s values and daily rhythm
  • the sleep environment (looking for any barriers preventing improved sleep)

Shorter calls are best for specific questions or to determine if our philosophies on sleep are a match. 

In your sharing about the difficulties with your little one’s sleep, I’m listening for any potential ‘red flags’ that could indicate challenges that go beyond that of biologically normal infant development; should there be concerns, I will refer out as appropriate and have a long list of area providers to share with clients. Red flags are rare as most challenges are within the realm of normal infant development. I often say that babies don’t have a sleep problem – their parents do! This is why some of our call centers on you, the caregiver. We will examine where you can make adjustments to remove any barriers for better sleep, tap into additional support, and create a narrative for empowered and connected parenting (day or night).

Private Sleep Education Class –  $250 per couple 

Great for expectant parents or parents of a newborn and covers:

  • the art and science of infant sleep (evolutionary biology, brain science, historical perspective and theory)
  • cultural/societal expectations versus reality of infant sleep
  • creating a sleep environment that works for you
  • safe sleep
  • creating a healthy mindset now about sleep for fewer issues later
  • overview of baby temperaments
  • gentle sleep strategies to soothe and calm baby
  • stress management and healthy sleep steps for parents
  • responsive nighttime parenting
  • Q & A
  • approximately 1.5 hours;  contact me for group pricing

Ready to book a call? Please complete the contact form or email and I will be in touch with you within 2 business days. 

Speaking Engagements for Parent Groups and Events  – contact me

I am happy to provide complimentary education and support to Austin area non-profit organizations.